A Message from LCD on Racial and Social Injustice

June 5, 2020

Dear LCD Colleagues,

The recent events in our country, and in particular the brutal death of George Floyd, poignantly demonstrate the disregard for Black lives at the hands of some individuals charged with protecting us. These events underscore what happens when our legal systems repeatedly fail to hold such individuals accountable when they breach their responsibilities to uphold the law, and highlights the demand for action. It is up to each of us to take action and identify solutions. We support the majority of protesters who are exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and to exercise freedom of speech.

The mission of the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity is to increase the recruitment, retention, and promotion of attorneys of color and other diverse individuals in the practice of law in the state of CT. Underlying this mission is the need and the drive to overcome the existence and effects of systemic racism which unacceptably dilutes the voices of people of color in our profession and, ultimately, threatens their humanity.

We believe our mission itself is part of the solution, since the legal profession has long provided an opportunity to effect systemic change. By ensuring people of color are fully represented in our profession, we can ensure that we are harnessing ALL of the available intellect, analytical ability, creativity and passion toward achieving our goals. We can also ensure that we are drawing upon many different experiences and viewpoints within our flawed society to have a greater chance at changing it. We therefore remain as committed as ever to our mission and we call upon all members of the legal profession in CT to take concrete actions toward our mission.

We additionally commit, as individuals and as entities, to take active steps within our spheres of influence to dismantle all forms of racism. We commit to having difficult conversations, and partnering with others within and outside of the legal profession to design and implement needed change. We are hopeful that the days ahead will demonstrate that we are evolving as a society for the better, and that our systems will reflect the value and humanity of all people.